Illegal Dog in a World of Self-Understanding Weekdays

Illegal Dog is out. It’s only out in electronic form for now, but it’s out. Written in two weeks, but edited for over a year.

I realize the book isn’t for everyone. It will bore, frustrate, annoy and even anger. But it doesn’t matter; the book itself was not written to be liked, but to be, and to quietly convey what it is meant to convey.

And how could I sum up in words what I wanted to convey with Illegal Dog? Unfortunately, it is very difficult, but I think any avid tea drinker will understand, as Mr. Aaron Fisher in his Way of Tea has done it for me.

Just as Aaron Fisher conveyed to his audience the idea “Wisdom is what is needed. It isn’t new technology or information, but the proper application of the sciences and awakened, aware living that is the key to our prosperity, both personally and as a species…”, so I want to pass a similar idea on with my book. After all, I started Illegal Dog with Fisher’s quote myself.

Sit back, calm down, have a good cup of tea for crypto, and reflect on what is really needed in life, the universe, and beyond.

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