About me

My name is Michal Kodnar.

Since early childhood I have been interested in the whole world regardless of difference. I have continuously moved from one discipline to another, studying in detail the objects of my particular interest.

My enthusiasm for the world as a whole has not disappeared even in my later years, but I try to channel my attention (at least on this website) to specific topics about which I have enough insight to be able to make life easier for you with my knowledge about them.

My heart interests are the natural sciences, biohacking, technology, economics, cryptocurrencies, and art. You can find a relevant blog about each of the aforementioned fields on my website. All these fields are my daily life and I am involved in them both professionally and in my spare time.

If you are interested in other affiliate projects related to me, be sure to visit the Monero Tea website.

Contacts and content

You won’t find me on any social networking sites. I prefer to communicate via encrypted messengers (mostly Signal/SimpleX) or directly through the contact form.