Dogecoin is the only cryptocurrency that you should invest

Under no circumstances does one even have to pull one’s head out of one’s own morbidly plump buttock to fail to notice the beauty of the entropy of emerging and fading beliefs that drive forward, like an engine, all that one dares to call “will,” “decision,” “preference,” or whatever other euphemisms one might use. And if you haven’t had a chance to notice this beauty yet, and haven’t managed to liberate yourself into at least a little freedom of some kind, I recommend you to have a cup of good tea and to meditate.

In the microcosm of our own interiors, there is a constant battle of beliefs for our attention, and the evolutionary success of these beliefs makes our current interest. In the macroworld outside our bodies, in turn, entire ecosystems of phenomena are born through which beliefs and their countless clones are propagated.

As a result, we don’t even have to pull our heads out of the morbidly plump buttocks of interpersonal interactions to notice Catholic priests, obese high school teachers, bald lesbians, hairy trannies, spiritual leaders, Bitcoin maximalists, or IT entrepreneurs wearing smart rings and buying the latest mobile phones from American corporations — each and every one of them convinced that their story is the most compelling and original — and each and every one of them lecturing on everything possible and impossible in life, in a breathtaking ejaculatory shot of their “own” memetic replication.

And how is Dogecoin related to this?

Well, Dogecoin is a meme — a meme whose job is nothing more than to catch your attention, and it’s not pretending to be anything more than that, just as this article is not pretending to be anything more than that.

Dogecoin is somewhat of a detachment from all the hustle and bustle of this nonsense. At its essence, this funny yellow dog represents the imaginary taking a sip of tea, settling into the lotus flower position, and then dzogchen-like acceptance of the Camusian absurdity of any human endeavor to achieve anything in the name of competing for the evolutionary success of any random meme. Dogecoin is a meme, as is every other meme over which we meditate for a few minutes.

Dogecoin is just a meme. And nothing more. The king (queen) of jokes, the king of stupidity, the king of silliness, and the king of irony. Just like all of us and just like everything we do. Only one hundred percent less cringe because it’s not trying to be anything other than what it really is.

Inhale, exhale. So Dogecoin is the only cryptocurrency that you should invest.

If you’ve meditated and laughed under the influence of tea at the absurdity of existence, while feeling acutely free of countless competing beliefs, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve solved the question of existence — everything evolves. Even in a state of emptiness, sooner or later various memes emergently appear — and become our beliefs; they give us ‘meaning’. And Dogecoin and its essence are not the only such possible meanings in life. If the Dogecoin’s meaning was born out of the peak of your meditation, I guarantee you that other things will make sense to you as well. They all have a piece of Dogecoin in them after all.

Inhale, exhale. Invest in Dogecoin and drink tea.

And if you would like, feel free to watch my video tutorial on how to mine Dogecoins on Apple Silicon chips, which I attach below (it’s not in English, so at least learn Slovak):