Designer Drug Manifesto

To all the narcissistic psychopaths, criminals and murderers who allow themselves to make decisions about the lives of others without remorse!

It is you who have caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Not the substances, people and activities that you think you are fighting with your controls. You spread fear and create prisons for anyone who is not afraid of you. And you do not realize that the natural desire of man is to escape fear and to get out of prison!

People who already know who you are are creating relationships, communities, platforms and technologies amongst themselves that allow them to escape from your prisons without you noticing. There is nothing you can do about it. You try to control lives, but the truth is that you can never fully do it.

You dare to say that some substances and some people are a threat to society. With your incompetent minds you call them ‘drugs’ and ‘drug dealers’ and destroy the lives of the people who co-operate with them. You don’t realize the complexity of the environment you live in, you stupid fools!

And what is your point anyway, when the most dangerous and harmful drugs that have claimed millions of lives and destroyed the health of millions of people have been legal for a long time!?

At the time of writing, alcohol kills 3 million people a year, accounting for up to 5.3% of all annual deaths ever. Moreover, up to 13.9% of deaths among young people aged 20-39 are caused by alcohol overdose. Studies have also come up with more than 200 different diseases and physical disabilities that are unquestionably correlated with alcohol use, so-called ‘drinking’.

Tobacco kills 8 million people a year. Of these, seven million deaths are caused by direct tobacco consumption and one million deaths are due to exposure to smoke; that is, second-hand smoke.

What about sugar? Despite the fact that it is toxic and extremely addictive, you have no problem giving it to small children. Many times the permanent metabolic damage caused by excessive sugar consumption, which is very tellingly called ‘type 2 diabetes’, kills one and a half million people a year.

(Note – alcohol, sugar or anything like that doesn’t kill people. It is the way they use these substances that kills them. And all you care about are the types of substances while completely ignoring their potential to harm!)

Different substances work differently on different bodies. They introduce new algorithms into our functioning based on which we are created and affect our perception and our judgment. There are some drugs that have no therapeutic potential, or have it in extremely specific conditions (and certainly not in the form and manner in which they are consumed globally), while being glorified and normalized by you! (We’re talking about alcohol, tobacco and sugar, of course.)

And on the other hand – there are drugs that have enormous therapeutic potential in a huge variety of conditions and routes of administration. Moreover, they are non-toxic, non-addictive, and not only has no one ever died as a result of poisoning after taking them, but their use correlates with absolutely no physical damage to the body or harm caused to people who come into contact with their users. Moreover, these “drugs” are (still/recently) criminalized and demonized by you despite their long use in human culture! (We’re talking about psychedelics, of course.)

So who makes drug legislation? Is it the professionals, the intelligent and well-self-discovered people who understand the vast array of complex relationships? Or is it you – the fools with psychological conflicts in their heads who cling to laws based on nothing and who try to impress others like them?

Is there any point in taking you seriously if we are more intelligent than you? What do you think you are doing by your actions?

The more substances you ban, the more you create! We intelligent humans will never stop responding to your attempts to control our lives. We will continually create, distribute and consciously use new designer drugs with therapeutic uses. We don’t want to be like you – stupid, narcissistic, aggressive and limited. We want to continually improve, be more intelligent, more loving, and more open to new thought structures. We want to create a world with more people like us and less people like you.

And it is YOU who are the only threat to society! You are the ones who use dangerous drugs and glorify the dangerous way of using them! You are the ones who allow yourselves to restrict and end lives based on your own sick beliefs! Not us!