We are entropicising social disorientation and breaking down the structures of thought designed to organise the masses. We are not spreading ideologies, nor any instruction manual. We provide hard facts to point out the pervasive absurdity of the hierarchy of civilization. SMER-LSD is an art project that was created on 27 November 2021 in Paralelní …

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What is Little Prague?

Little Prague is something that is all around us, but we think it is Prague. Little Prague is the area of Žižkov, Karlín and Holešovice. The three separate cultural-administrative units that together make up the Free City of Little Prague are currently still oppressed by the authoritarian hand of Prague and the Czech Republic. Holešovice …

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Designer Drug Manifesto

To all the narcissistic psychopaths, criminals and murderers who allow themselves to make decisions about the lives of others without remorse! It is you who have caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Not the substances, people and activities that you think you are fighting with your controls. You spread fear and create prisons …

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