We are entropicising social disorientation and breaking down the structures of thought designed to organise the masses. We are not spreading ideologies, nor any instruction manual. We provide hard facts to point out the pervasive absurdity of the hierarchy of civilization.

SMER-LSD is an art project that was created on 27 November 2021 in Paralelní Polis, Prague, as part of Hackatoshi’s Flying Circuit competition, in which it won the first prize. It aims to disrupt cultural concepts and thought structures that have been designed to organize the masses.

To this end, SMER-LSD uses the spamming of public space with stickers depicting QR codes that link to the SMER-LSD website itself, where the visitor is directly confronted with concrete facts that undermine the cultural concepts and thought structures designed to organize the masses. To attract the attention of random passers-by in public space, SMER-LSD uses punchy slogans on its stickers, such as “Recreational nukes should be legal!”, “LSD on rationing” or “Drugs, guns and child pornography”.

You can support SMER-LSD financially directly on its website or by posting its stickers. These will be freely available soon in Parallel Polis.

However, SMER-LSD is just getting started. You can look forward to its many other projects, which will be immediately visible.

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